R17 Amber Rose Incense Sticks



Sensual, seductive, alluring blend of smoky black cherry, Creme Anglaise, sandalwood, with a smooth dry down of warming sensual amber and an Egyptian Musk end note. The slightest hint of vanilla bean anchors the musk note to soften the impact and entice you to take another sniff.

This is a Retired scent. We don't want to get rid of scents because the customers that like them, but the ones that are not selling much we are retiring. If you purchase a retired scent you will have to purchase a batch. A whole batch of Incense Sticks is 3 bags.

Incense Stick

There are 20 sticks in a package. We hand dip them. It takes 48 hours to make a batch. If you have some on back order it will take longer to get your order to you.