Specialty Burner Deposits for Special Orders

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Depending on the size and how detailed you want us to make your burner will depend on the deposit. I will let you know the amount of the deposit after we discuss what you are wanting. Type, size, detailed, and budget. I will also let you know how long it might take to get what we need to make your burner. Most specialty burners do not get put together over night. It takes time to find what you are wanting and then we have to make the burner. It has to look great too. I will ask you to come to the website to click on the amount of deposit we discussed. 

Once we receive the non-refundable deposit we will start working on your burner. The deposit will go towards your burner when it's done and you pay for the rest of it. If you do not pay for it and do not pick it up in the time frame we discuss then you lose your deposit and we will put it in our shop to sell.

I am sorry we have to do this but, we have made specialty burners for others without doing this and they never came and picked them up. So, if we are going to put our money into making them, then we need you to put your money in also.